Problems Associated With Teen Alcohol Abuse

There are thousands of teenagers in the United States who abuse alcohol. There are many reasons that this is something that the population at large should be concerned about.  The younger a person is when they begin drinking alcohol, the more likely it is that they will have problems being able to control the amount of alcohol they consume. The chance that they will become an alcoholic will increase dramatically if they begin drinking as a teenager. Teen alcohol abuse is linked to many other problems. A few examples these problems are sexual activity, drug abuse, and teen suicide.

Studies have shown that teenagers who drink alcohol are far more likely to engage in sexual activity. They are also more likely to have unprotected sex, and it is more likely that they will have sex with strangers. This could lead to a number of problems such as teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Teenagers who abuse alcohol are also much more likely to become involved in sexual abuse, either as the victim, or the perpetrator.

Teen alcohol abuse is also linked to drug abuse. Teenagers who drink are much more likely to use marijuana than adults who drink. They are also more likely to become addicted to harder drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Becoming addicted to any of these drugs is very serious,  can easily ruin a person’s life.

Perhaps the most alarming thing that teen alcohol abuse is linked to is death. Every year thousands of people are killed in drunk driving accidents. Many of them are the teenagers who were driving the car, or their friends who were with them. Others are innocent bystanders who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Teenagers who abuse alcohol are also much more likely to commit suicide. Those who are intoxicated are more likely to use more violent means of killing themselves, and therefore are more likely to actually succeed.

Teen alcohol abuse is a serious problem. It leads to sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, drunk driving accidents and suicide. Teenagers who are struggling with alcohol abuse should seek help. Parents who suspect their teenagers of drug abuse should do everything they can to help their teenager understand the potential consequences of their actions, and help them get the help they need.

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