How to Talk to Your Teen about Substance Abuse

As a parent, you want what is best for your children. If you suspect your child has a drug problem it can feel as though your world is thrown into chaos. One thing you need to know is that it is possible to get your teen substance abuse help. Successful addiction recovery programs exist and sensitive therapists are available to speak to your teen and to you. However, the first step is generally to talk to your teen about the problem. This can be frightening, but it is possible to have a successful conversation with your child. If you wait until your teen is sober to talk and you express loving concern, then you may find your teen is receptive to help.

The chemicals in alcohol or illegal drugs are known to cause irrational behavior and an inability to reason. If your child is under the effects of these harmful chemicals then he or she will be unlikely to listen to anything you say. Your teen will probably become easily provoked and may not remember the conversation at all. Instead, make time for a quiet talk when your child is sober and preferably not suffering from a hangover or other aftereffects. Waiting for the appropriate time can be worth it because the conversation is much more likely to be effective.

When you give your teen substance abuse help, it can be important to speak with love. Fear can make it difficult to speak calmly to your child about the problem, but yelling may cause your teen to misunderstand your motive. An honest talk about the negative consequences of substance abuse, followed by an open expression of love and fear for your teen’s well being can go much further than anything you can yell. Your child is much more likely to open up to you in an environment where he or she feels safe and respected.

After you have spoken with your child, the next important step is to seek teen substance abuse help. Substance abuse can lead so quickly to addiction that it may be best to assume your child is already addicted. Few people, whether children or adults, can fight an addiction without professional help. Specialized care is available for your teen. It can save both of you much pain and suffering to seek this help as soon as you realize your teen has a problem.

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