What To Do If You Suspect Your Teen Is Hiding Drugs

If you suspect that your teenage child may be abusing drugs or alcohol, you should be very careful about how you confront them with your suspicions. Unfounded accusations about drug abuse can damage your relationship and make your teen feel angry or hurt, while teens who actually are abusing drugs can deny everything if you have no evidence. Finding your teen’s drugs is the most undeniable way to ascertain whether or not they have a problem.

Snooping in your teen’s room may sound morally reprehensible, but if you have strong reason to believe that your teen is abusing drugs, it may be worth the risk. Your teen deserves privacy and respect, but as a parent you also have a duty to help them and keep them safe. If you have noticed unusual odors coming out of your teen’s room or a sudden change in your teen’s behavior, such as dropping grades, telling lies, or other signs of drug or alcohol abuse, you may want to search their room for illegal substances.

Finding your teen’s drugs can be difficult if they have come up with a clever way to hide it. Check inside dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, and under the bed. Look inside their purse or backpack, and make sure there are no illegal drugs stashed inside over-the-counter medicine containers. Some teens may hide drugs under loose floorboards or at the back of a closet. If you do not find any drugs in your teen’s room, it is possible that there is a different explanation for their recent behavior. Talk to your teen and try to find out what is behind the changes. They may have other problems that are not related to drugs or alcohol.

Be prepared for an emotional confrontation after finding your teen’s drugs. Your teen may claim that you had no right to search their room, but as a parent, you have every right to ensure your child stays safe and healthy while living under your own roof.

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