Rehab for Males: The Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment

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If you are a parent of a male adolescent who is in need of treatment for an addiction, mental illness or both, there is good reason to bring your son to treatment that is gender specific.

Your teen will obviously have a different experience at a boy’s rehab center than he would where both males and females were participating. When females are not attending the same treatment center, boys can keep their thoughts and attention on their recovery without having romantic or erotic distractions. In addition to this obvious benefit, being with other boys undergoing the same process can be supportive. For example, rooming with another adolescent male, attending group therapy with other boys with the same concerns, and working with issues that are specific to the male gender can support the emotional and psychological growth of your child.

Furthermore, a boys rehab center will often have therapists, counselors, and a clinical team that are well versed in the issues a male teen typically faces and will know how to respond therapeutically. Furthermore, the types of services you can expect at a boy’s rehab center include:

  • Assessment
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Gender Specific Living Areas
  • Addressing Gender Specific Issues
  • Medical Detox
  • Behavioral Modification Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Chemical Dependency Education


Typically, a male teen will be assessed upon intake, exploring the mental health history of the family, his drug abuse history, and the possible presence a co-occurring mental illness. Having both an addiction and a mental illness is known as a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis. In this case, there would ideally be an integration of services between the psychiatric and the drug counseling fields in order to best treat a teen with a co-occurring disorder. Often, a boy’s drug rehab will provide treatment that involves individual and family psychotherapy, medication, support groups, and strong communication among the psychiatrist, psychologist, family members, social workers, teachers, and other professionals in your son’s life.

Another benefit to a gender-specific treatment program, particularly during adolescence, is the ability to support a male teen’s growth in finding his unique role in life. During this stage in life, teens are reaching for their independence. They are going through a process of role confusion and discovering their unique sense of identity. To do this, they will try on different roles as they spend time with a variety of individuals. Teenagers will experiment with role playing, exploring various social groups, and attempting to discover where they fit in.  This is an essential stage of developing a strong identity and finding their direction in life. A rehab center that is gender specific can support this growth.

However, when it comes to a boy’s rehab center, having the opportunity to be surrounded by other males can support them in this process. The presence of teenage girls can bring up a host of emotional and psychological pressures that can interfere with treatment. You can imagine the sense of insecurity and the need for acceptance they might feel if teenage girls were present.

A boy’s rehab center can provide the appropriate drug counseling, mental health treatment, as well as the right amount of encouragement, support, and reinforcement to help them find a sense of identity and even their unique direction in life.

Certainly, there are many ways to provide the right support for male adolescents. However, a boy’s rehab center might be able to facilitate certain health benefits that a non-gender specific treatment couldn’t. A boy’s rehab center can keep male teens out of trouble, minimize the ways they might react to this difficult time in life, in addition to providing treatment for substance abuse and mental illnesses. Read more parenting tips and advice at this website.

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