As a parent or caregiver of a teen who is struggling with addiction, you might feel overwhelmed. You might have lost hope about your child’s progress, or even given up, letting your teen make the decisions he or she wants, for better or for worse.

Perhaps instead you have even gotten to a point where you’re considering forcing your child into one of those boot-camp style treatment programs. That kind of environment will help give them a new perspective, you think to yourself. Perhaps a month-long-stay with others struggling to find freedom too will kick your child into gear.

Yet, the truth is, no change will take place unless your teen is ready. No addiction will end unless the desire to change is turned on. Read more!

There are thousands of teenagers in the United States who abuse alcohol. There are many reasons that this is something that the population at large should be concerned about.  The younger a person is when they begin drinking alcohol, the more likely it is that they will have problems being able to control the amount of alcohol they consume. The chance that they will become an alcoholic will increase dramatically if they begin drinking as a teenager. Teen alcohol abuse is linked to many other problems. A few examples these problems are sexual activity, drug abuse, and teen suicide. Read more!