Teen Binge Eating Disorder | Parent Treatment Advocates


A recent survey of 496 adolescent girls indicated that more than 12 percent experienced some form of eating disorder by the time they were 20. Although not all teen eating disorders include the symptom of repeated binge eating, it is an indication, like the other symptoms of eating disorders, that there is a disturbed relationship to food. Learn more about the symptoms and treatments of teen eating disorders at this site. Read more!

It can be heartbreaking for the parent of a teenager to realize that their child may be suffering from an eating disorder. Knowing the stress, sadness, and depression that often comes along with the disease can cause a parent to feel helpless. One of the best ways to help your teen is to find the best treatment option for them, choosing the teen eating disorder treatments that you feel will make the most impact and help them on the road to recovery. Read more!