Teen Substance Abuse | Parent Treatment Advocates

There’s a clear benefit to taking medication: you feel better. Whatever ailment you might be experiencing goes away and you can return to a normal level of functioning. If a headache or migraine is keeping you in bed, for instance, you can take a pill designed to take the pain away.

However, there’s a point when relying on medication or other substances to relieve symptoms goes too far and in fact becomes an addiction. For example, when a person wants to calm down and believes that in order to do so medication is necessary, the medication becomes a crutch. The sense of relief, happiness, or relaxation experienced with the medication is not authentic. Finding a sense of calm is not sourced from one’s own power to relax. Read more!

Parenting Teens | Parent Treatment Advocates

Parenting teens can be a difficult and frustrating job sometimes. Many teens go through a period of rebellion where it may be hard to know what they are doing with their friends and where they are at times. Some teenagers can get involved in bad habits such as drug or alcohol abuse. It is important that you, as their parent, know the signs and symptoms of these addictions, as well as how you can help treat them if it becomes a problem. Read more!