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It’s so easy to forget about mental health. Often, our attention is focused on the physical that we forget about the health of the interior, such as a teen’s emotions, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and reactions to experiences. As long as your adolescent looks like he or she is doing okay, it’s easy to conclude that he or she is fine. Read more!

Adopted Teen

In recent years, there has been focus on how the quality of attachment between an infant and a caregiver can affect that infant’s psychological future. For this reason, researchers have begun to look closely at the types of relationships caregivers have with their children and how that plays a significant role in that child’s later life.

Research on this subject began in the 1940’s when psychiatrist John Bowlby was asked to write about the psychological difficulties homeless and orphaned children experience. A theory on attachment grew from Bowlby significant research on the deprivation of maternal care. Attachment theory describes the long-term relationships between individuals by looking the relationship an infant has with its primary caregiver. Read more!

It is normal for adolescents to experience anxiety during this pivotal time in their approach to adulthood. Whether there is a test approaching, a big date, or a job interview, it is normal to be apprehensive or nerves. For some teens, the fear takes over and any situation like those brings an overwhelming sense of dread. These feelings can interfere with daily life and may require professional teen anxiety treatment. Read more!